Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing at UPMC Jameson

The Shape-HF Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPX) System is an innovative solution to patient assessment and therapeutic outcome monitoring of heart failure and pulmonary missions. Testing is low impact and low intensity. Even patients with sensitive conditions can complete the test and get on a track to better health.

 Shape-HF Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System

The Shape System is easy on patients, requiring only low-intensity, graded or steady state testing protocols. Even high-risk patients can be tested with little or no discomfort.

What Is Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing?

The Shape System consists of a special mouthpiece that the patient exhales into, the system analyzes the gas, and a computer with Shape software organizes the information, giving the physician instant and clear data on the condition of the patient’s heart. This takes the complication out of cardiopulmonary exercise testing, allows serial tracking of patient progress, measures patient response to therapy, offers objective criteria for patient functional classification and provides data that is predictive of patient mortality and hospitalization risk.

Cardiopulmonary Testing Benefits

Previously, patients with possible congestive heart failure and other sensitive heart conditions go through a stress test that requires physical activity raising their heart rate by more than 15 beats per second. This is difficult for some patients, requiring more tests for doctors to prescribe the correct treatment.

UPMC Jameson offers one low-impact test giving doctors needed information to diagnose conditions of the heart and lungs.