UPMC Jameson Pharmacy

At UPMC Jameson, our pharmacists are responsible for safe, efficient, and appropriate drug therapy. All staff pharmacists are registered by the state of Pennsylvania and have at least five years of specialized education.

Our pharmacists are educators, communicators, and experts in drug therapy who work with physicians, nurses, dietitians, physical therapists, infection prevention specialists, and laboratory technicians.

UPMC Jameson operates both an inpatient pharmacy for currently hospitalized patients as well as an outpatient pharmacy, which is available to patients, visitors, and employees.

Infection Prevention

UPMC Jameson’s pharmacists work closely with infection prevention staff to map out the best choices of antibiotics and other medications. Because drug resistant organisms are always evolving, our staff is on top of the best treatment plans to care for the patient and keep others safe by preventing the spread of germs.

UPMC Jameson Outpatient Pharmacy Hours

UPMC Jameson Outpatient Pharmacy
UPMC Jameson, First Floor
1211 Wilmington Avenue
New Castle, PA 16105
Phone: 724-656-4650
Fax: 724-656-4652
TDD: 724-658-2110