Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make Family Hospice what it is. Be a part of something special, touch lives and make a difference. This invaluable gift of care touches our family members on a very personal level. We are blessed and more than fortunate to have this wonderful group of people, who are our neighbors in our own community, as such an integral piece of the puzzle that makes Family Hospice the hospice of choice in our community.

Bereavement Counseling Volunteers

Our specially-trained volunteer bereavement counselors follow the family thirteen (13) months after their loved one passes. This service delivers an immeasurable gift to the family to help them properly grieve and heal.

Respite Care Volunteer

Family members and loved ones of patients are often providing care for long hours and around the clock. The services of respite volunteers greatly benefit both the caregivers and the patients by providing companionship to patients, and a needed relief to caregivers. There are no requirements for lifting or providing health services, and there are no overnight stays required. All training is provided by Family Hospice. Call Marlene at 724-652-8847 to learn more.

Friends of Hospice

The fundraising volunteers of Family Hospice, Friends of Hospice raise funds to subsidize specialized services for the patients and family members of Family Hospice. The Friends have uniquely supported our patients and family members in a variety of special situations including purchasing phone cards to a patient who did not have phone service, purchasing a new comfortable mattress for a patient in need and providing care baskets to families when their loved one is receiving general inpatient services.

For more information on becoming a Family Hospice Volunteer, call us at 724-652-8847.