Hospice Family Testimonials

I think the idea of taking an item of clothing from the person who died and having one of your volunteers create a BEAR from it, is one of the most special things that can be done.  My mother was a very creative sewer and her specialty was bears.  You cannot imagine my absolute delight when I received a bear wearing one of my mother’s outfits.  It was so wonderful.  I have the bear in a special place and I think so fondly of my mother when I see it.  Thank you.  Thank you!!
Every single person I dealt with over the six months was a wonderful, kind human being.  I could not have kept my mother at home without their skills and support.  I was amazed at the support I received for myself.  They helped me to make the best of her “good days” and make memories I will cherish forever.  It was the most difficult and beautiful time my mother and I had together.  There is not a single thing I would change about the care she received from these amazing women.  My mother and I were blessed to have them be a part of her final days.  A special “thank you” to Marlene.  The dear, sweet lady seemed to always call when I needed her the most.  She gave me that little bit of strength when I needed it most.  Thanks to all of them for everything they did to make it bearable.
If I asked questions about what to expect, what to look for and even when she would ask questions to evaluate his condition night or day, they were totally honest and up front with me.  I truly appreciated that and needed to know someone else was on my side.  These girls are true professionals and God Sent Angels.  They know their job and do it with love, honesty and total dedication.  God Bless each of one of those girls.  Thank you.  Please don’t lose any of them.
Hospice exceeded my expectations.  Because of my father’s cancer, he couldn’t control his bowels.  He hated being dirty.  Hospice increased the visitation of folks that bathed him to once a day.  He was so pleased that folks understood his need for personal dignity up to the end.  This was quite a relief for him.  As his caregiver, I am so thankful his nurse picked up on this by talking with him.  Everyone from the nurses, volunteers, and chaplain made it much easier to get through a difficult time.  I am truly grateful for everyone’s help.  The care provided my father was a perfect blend of the personal and professional.
There aren’t enough ways to express how wonderful the staff from hospice was.  It seems that we were at the right place at the right time for Cara to receive the best of the best.  Both Ed and I feel that we had that, not only for Cara but for the entire family with Hospice.  The nurses looked after Cara but each day asked how her brother, her dad and I were doing.  It has been one month today since Cara passed and we have sung the praises of hospice to any one and everyone who would listen.  The love, compassion and professionalism we received cannot be equaled.  We want to say “thank you” but it doesn’t seem enough.
I can’t believe that people can see pain, agony and death every day and still show so much care and compassion.  The nurses listened to us and we didn’t feel like they were rushing out to the next place.  The aides were so complete in their bathing but so gentle and they noticed things we didn’t, like rashes.  They kept us well supplied with supplies and any equipment we needed.  They were wonderful!
Marti Bogdon was his main nurse though there were others, Peaches, and when I was working, some I don’t know their names were here.  He had a lot of problems so they were here a lot; sometimes three times or more a day.  The nurses were fantastic.  I felt very comfortable having them here.  It gave me great peace in my heart.  You work wonders.  Keep up the work with all of your angels.
How can I thank you enough for the compassionate, caring and professional care you gave my wife in the final days of her life.  It was a great comfort to my son, daughter and I to know we could depend on you for this care.  I have praised your work and service to many people and will continue to do so as long as I love.  Gratefully yours,
The nurses, Marti and Chris, were extremely responsive.  I called Marti every day because his condition was rapidly deteriorating.  I had taken care of both my parents until their deaths and was able to understand the nursing instructions.  Everything was explained completely.  When I called Hospice the morning (2:00 a.m.) of his death, Chris responded and came to take care of the funeral home, etc.  It was a comfort to have his needs met as well as ours.  The Chaplain was great also.  I spoke to Pat often during the five days and she officiated at the funeral.  We have talked with our friends and family about your program and recommend it highly.  God Bless You.
Thank you for all you do.  In addition to my brother passing, my husband was hospitalized four times last year and I lost another brother in October.  Marilyn’s calls were appreciated and comforting.  She listened to all my grief and stress with patience and compassion.  Please know that your presence in the community is not taken for granted.  Blessings to all.