Behavioral Health (Outpatient)

Partial Hospitalization Program
The UPMC Jameson Partial Hospitalization Program is a comprehensive, short term treatment program that is more concentrated than traditional outpatient behavioral health care. Participants attend structured programs three to five days a week during the day, then return home in the evening.

Program participants interact with mental health professionals including psychiatrists, therapists, and nurses to develop skills to manage their symptoms and their lives. Group therapy enables patients with similar difficulties to interact with each other.

For more information about the Partial Hospitalization Program, call 724-531-6616.

UPMC Jameson Partial Hospitalization Program
253 E. Washington St., Suite 200
New Castle, PA 16101

Podcast: Managing Back-to-School Stress
David Hunter and Brad Walters of the UPMC Jameson Partial Hospitalization Program talk about how parents can help their kids navigate the back-to-school season.