School of Radiography


Mission Statement

The mission of UPMC Jameson School of Radiography is to provide a comprehensive education that prepares students to enter the job market as entry level radiographers in diagnostic radiography. Graduates will possess skills in patient care, radiation safety, and clinical procedures.

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Students will be clinically competent

  • Students will apply positioning skills
  • Students will select appropriate technical factors
  • Students will practice radiation protection

Goal 2: Students will communicate effectively

  • Students will use effective oral communication skills
  • Students will practice written communication skills

Goal 3: Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Students will utilize critical thinking with organization of exam procedure
  • Students will adapt positioning for trauma patients
  • Students will utilize critical thinking in patient care and communication

Goal 4: Students will evaluate the importance of professional growth and development

  • Students will determine the importance of continued professional development
  • Students will attend Guaranteed Registry Review Seminar

Goals 5: The program will graduate entry-level technologists

  • Students will pass the ARRT national certification on the firstĀ attempt
  • Of those pursuing employment, students will be gainfully employed within 6 months post-graduation
  • Students will complete the program within 22 months
  • Students will be satisfied with their education
  • Employers will be satisfied with the graduateā€™s performance

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Contact Us

Emily Hoffman, B.A., R.T. ( R)
Rad Tech Program Coordinator
UPMC Jameson School of Radiography
Phone: 724-656-6016

Melissa Conley R.T. ( R)
Clinical/Didactic Instructor
UPMC Jameson School of Radiography
Phone: 724-936-3961


UPMC Jameson School of Radiography
2414 Wilmington Rd
New Castle, PA 16105