Donations and Giving to UPMC Jameson

Support from our community increases our strength and position as an independent nonprofit health system. Generous support to enhance UPMC Jameson services and facilities helps us bring the highest level of physician talent, cutting-edge technology, and skilled care close to home. Our donors have the choice to contribute to the fund or cause that speaks personally to them. Contributors have the peace of mind of knowing that 100 percent of their donation goes to the intended cause.

Jameson Health Care Foundation

The Jameson Health Care Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Foundation was established to raise, manage and distribute endowment funds for the UPMC Jameson’s affiliates.

Jameson CARE Classic

The Jameson Health Care Foundation’s primary fundraiser is the annual Jameson CARE Classic, which began in 1993 to raise funds for various health care projects. Over the years, the event has generated net revenue of more than $2 million for a variety of health care services that benefit the community including our Cancer Center, Rehabilitation Center, Center for Cardiac Health, Hospice, Children’s Advocacy Center, and the Women’s Center. Most recently, proceeds went toward furnishing, technology, and equipment for the newly renovated emergency and surgical departments. Visit the Jameson CARE Classic page to learn more about this prestigious event, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017.

Community Care Fund Annual Giving Program

As a nonprofit health system focused on specialized, local services for our region, UPMC Jameson is there for our neighbors, including those who may be either be without health insurance or underinsured. Demand for the Community Care Fund continues to rise annually, increasing from $11.5 million in 2015 to $13.3 million in 2016. To continue investing in evolving technology, physician recruitment, and development of new facilities, as well as meeting the growing demands of charitable care required for our patients, your support is needed. Your thoughtful giving to the Community Care Fund will help UPMC Jameson to deliver expert medical services throughout our communities. Your donation will make a marked difference in their lives. Please consider donating today. Contact the Jameson Health Care Foundation Development Office for details on giving.

Jameson Junior Guild Remembrance Fund

The Jameson Junior Guild is UPMC Jameson’s hospital auxiliary. The primary role of the Jameson Junior Guild is to provide services to patients and to raise funds to improve health care services to the community. The Guild has donated more than $6 million for building renovations and equipment since 1935.

The Remembrance Fund was created to provide individuals with the opportunity to memorialize beloved deceased members and to remember happy events in life such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, sacraments, and graduations.

Donations are used to purchase patient care equipment. When a contribution is made, a card is sent to the family or individual acknowledging that a donation was made in their memory or in their honor. The name of the person memorialized or honored is entered the Remembrance Fund Memorial Book with the date and donor’s name written. The book is kept in the UPMC Jameson Hostess Shop.

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Lawrence County

The Children’s Advocacy Center is a private non-profit agency that is an affiliate of UPMC Jameson. The Children’s Advocacy Center is a child-focused organization with two distinct purposes: prevention and intervention.

Prevention through education and hands-on mentoring of families, with programs that begin at pregnancy, to promote happy, healthy and well-adjusted families and child development.

Intervention working closely with local professionals to address the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse cases in order to prevent further victimization of children.

Last year, there were 198 documented cases of child abuse in Lawrence County – 105 cases of physical abuse, 78 cases of sexual abuse and 15 cases of severe neglect and drug-addicted infants. Prevention is key in decreasing child abuse occurrences in Lawrence County. Donate Now

Jameson Hospice of Lawrence County

Hospice is a special way of caring for end-of-life patients and offering support for their families.  The emphasis is on comfort and palliative care.  Hospice care is holistic.  It looks at all aspects of the person, not just the terminal illness. Hospice services are routinely provided in the patient’s home and services are available at several skilled nursing facilities in the area. Friends of Hospice is the fundraising volunteer group of the Jameson Hospice. They hold various fundraising events throughout the year. Donate Now

Unit or Department of Your Choice

You may also donate to a specific unit or department of your choice. These donations may also be made in someone’s memory or honor.

Gift Planning

UPMC Jameson may be included in your will or estate plan. If you are interested in meeting with a gift planning counselor, please contact the Jameson Health Care Foundation Development Office.

Contact Us

For more information about making a donation to one of the above funds or causes, please contact the Jameson Health Care Foundation Development Office at 724-656-6116 or send an email to