Nutrition & Wellness Programs

  • Diabetes Management Program
    Gain control of your diabetes with guidance from a team of professionals who will educate and support you to succeed at living well. Call us to learn more: 724-657-3224.
  • JHS MyPath: Your Weight Loss Connection
    Weekly individual and group sessions with a Registered Dietitian and optional online or smartphone app tracking support. Call 724-656-4270 to register.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Services
    Individually modified nutritional therapy for a variety of medical conditions with a Registered Dietitian for people of all ages. Requires a prescription from your physician. Contact us at 724-656-4270.
  • Nutritional Guidance
    In-depth one-on-one Registered Dietician counseling based on an analysis of each participant’s medical history, eating habits, and lifestyle. Call us today at 724-656-4270.
  • Community Yoga Therapy
    The focus is on strength building, flexibility, physical body restoration., and relaxation in weekly class-style sessions. Call Lori Brothers at 724-656-4145.


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