Patient Billing

Prior to Your Visit
It is recommended that you discuss your coverage with your insurance carrier to confirm the extent of your coverage and if it is accepted at Jameson Hospital. Our facility charges are available upon request. For charge information, please call 724.656.4665.

Online Bill Pay
Jameson Health system offers a variety of convenient payment options, including by debit or credit card on our Online Bill Pay system. Please include your invoice reference number to make your payment online. If you have any questions, please call us at 724-656-4189.

Financial Assistance is Available
For under and uninsured individuals. Income guidelines determine the amount that a person is eligible to receive in charity care. If your income exceeds the maximum requirements to have your bill written off in part or in full, we offer flexible payment plans and discounts. For more information, please call our Business Office at 724.656.4189.

Charity Care
As a not-for-profit organization, Jameson Health System provides life-saving care and services to the residents of our region regardless of health insurance coverage or ability to pay. Each year, JHS provides approximately $20 million in charitable services for Community Benefit. Learn about our Free Care Policy.

During Your Stay l Financial Counseling
A representative may visit you during your stay to discuss your financial responsibility. As a not-for-profit organization, Jameson Hospital provides financial assistance programs based on income, expenses, and circumstances.  If you have billing questions, you may contact the Business Office at 724.656.4189.

Your Hospital Bill
You will receive a monthly statement if there is a portion of the bill that is your responsibility. Depending on the type of care you receive, you may receive bills from your physician, consulting physicians who gave advice concerning your care, or physicians who helped interpret your test results. Questions regarding these bills should be forwarded to each physician’s billing office.

Inpatient Stay vs. Outpatient Observation Hospital Stay
When an illness, condition, or necessary service does not require inpatient hospitalization; yet, your physician has requested that you be assigned to a room and bed for monitoring until there can be a more definite determination regarding your healthcare needs - this may be classified as an outpatient observation hospital stay.

At intervals during your stay, your physician will make an evaluation as to whether you will require “admission” to the hospital as an inpatient.  If you are not admitted and you have insurance, the hospital will file the claim for you under Outpatient Services as an “outpatient observation stay” and you will be responsible for your deductible and any non-covered charges.

Any co-pays that are the responsibility of the patient will be collected at the point of service in the Emergency Department and outpatient services.

Please contact the Business Office for any additional questions by calling 724.656.4189.


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