Occupational Health Program

Jameson Work Health is a flexible and affordable occupational health program that is designed to keep your organization’s employees healthy and productive.

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Workers Compensation Examinations
  • Injury Identification
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Physicals (employment, DOT, CDL, School Bus, Return to Work, etc.)
  • Capability Testing, Training & Education (lifting, flexibility, hearing, etc.)
  • Health Screenings
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Wellness Programs
  • Customized Services to meet the needs of your business

Our program features specialized occupational health physicians, nurses and therapists who provide a continuum of care and support services that are both hospital and outpatient based. A Program Coordinator will work closely with your organization to develop a responsive, coordinated plan that is designed specifically for you and your employees.

We can assist you in controlling escalating occupational healthcare costs by providing the following:

  • Coordinated and efficient services that emphasize the importance of a healthy and productive employee.
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation services with programs designed to meet the specific needs of the injured employee.
  • The coordinated delivery of a total array of medical rehabilitation services.

Our organization recognizes that the strength and progress of the communities we serve depends upon the success of your business or organization. We would be pleased to work with your organization to help you maintain a healthy, productive workforce.

Contact Information

To learn more, contact the Director of Work Health, Kathi Duncan, at 724-654-8719 or by e-mail at duncankd@upmc.edu.