School of Nursing Introduction

A Place of Action

The UPMC Jameson School of Nursing is a place of action…where modern facilities set the scene for the education of today’s student for the important and exciting profession of nursing.

The student entering our program will be challenged by this stimulating environment but will soon be aware of the inheritance of rich tradition of one of the most respected professions in the world today.  Throughout its over 100-year history, more than 2,477 students have graduated from the UPMC Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing and gone forth to make satisfying and rewarding careers for themselves and worthwhile contributions to their communities, their families, and their country.

The School was founded in 1895 as the Shenango Valley Training School, part of the 80-bed Shenango Valley Hospital, which first opened its doors in 1893.  There was no separate building for the School, and the students were housed in the Hospital itself.

As new concepts of medical care emerged, Mr. David Jameson, who had served as president of the Shenango Valley Hospital, recognized the great need for improved hospital facilities.  In October 1926, he announced that he would provide a fund for the building of a new hospital as “a more permanent and lasting testimony” of the “friendly sentiments” he held toward the community.  A site was selected in a residential area between West Leasure and West Garfield Avenues, bordering on Wilmington Road, one mile north of the city’s business section.

Construction began in 1927, shortly after Mr. Jameson’s death.  In the Fall of 1929, the new Hospital, with 140 beds and 28 bassinets for newborn infants, was completed and presented to the people of New Castle and Lawrence County by Mrs. Jameson.  At the same time, Mrs. Jameson and her daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Jameson McCreery, made a further gift of a new nurses’ residence, which was built on the Hospital campus.  Patients were transferred from the old hospital to the new, and UPMC Jameson School of Nursing became the successor to the Shenango Valley Hospital Training School.

On March 23, 2013, the grand opening of the new Emergency Room/Operating Room was held. There are thirty (30) private patient ER rooms, six (6) Operating Room Suites, and two (2) Endoscopy suites.  This new addition will not only enhance patient care, it will also enhance the educational experiences of the students enrolled in the UPMC Jameson School of Nursing.

On May 1, 2016, Jameson Health System and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) announced that Jameson merged into the UPMC network.  UPMC Jameson now is officially established to deliver world-class health care for the residents of Lawrence County and its surrounding communities. The merger will provide the school of nursing with educational experiences that will assist our students in meeting their student learning outcomes.

Since its beginning, UPMC Jameson School of Nursing has been responsive to the growing health care needs of the community it serves.  Over the years, the facilities have continually been upgraded to reflect the rapid growth of modern medical knowledge.

The Hospital is a private, not-for-profit, acute-care hospital and is operated by a Board of Directors composed of civic leaders representing many walks of community life.

The School of Nursing occupies the May Emma Hoyt Nurses’ Residence, completed in 1962 and named in honor of its principal donor.  The original residence was completely remodeled to provide new classrooms and offices for the school.