School of Nursing Application

Thank you for your interest in the Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.  Our website is currently being updated.  Please contact Tracy Forletta at 724-656-4052 or for information regarding the new curriculum and program requirements.

One (1) class of students shall be admitted to begin in September of each year.  The admission process is based on an Admission Point Scale and review of the applicant’s file.  The application, application fee, essay, and three (3) references must be received by December 15th of the current school year to be considered for admission into the next scheduled class.  All pre-admission requirements (testing, nursing conference, high school pre-requisites, and three (3) required college courses, one (1) must be a science) must be completed by December 31st of the current school year.  Remaining materials necessary for the student file to be considered complete must be received by January 31st of the year seeking admission. Applications that are incomplete will not be considered for admission.  Applications are kept on file for one (1) calendar year.

The Admission Point Scale contains objective criteria upon which the student will receive a point ranking.  After December 31st, all completed student files will be ranked according to the point scale.   Based on the number of students that will fill the freshman class, candidates will be ranked, with the top candidates receiving acceptance into the Freshman Class.  The remaining candidates will be ranked and placed on a wait list.

The following five (5) college courses are required to be completed prior to starting the program:

Anatomy or A&P I, Physiology or A&P II, General Psychology, Nutrition, and Microbiology.

Three (3) of the above college courses must be completed; one (1) course must be a science (Anatomy, Physiology, or Microbiology), in order to be considered for admission at the time of the point tally.  Students with less than a 2.0 QPA will not be considered for admission.  College courses required for admission into the School of Nursing must be completed with a “C” or better by the end of the spring semester prior to the start of the nursing program.

Candidates for admission can only repeat a course one (1) time and must receive a “C” or better to be considered for admission (See item 6, Number 6 for more information.)

Conditional Admission: The Admission Point Scale is a calculation of the candidate’s status based on all work done by December 31st or June 1st.  An applicant will have one (1) additional semester to complete the required college course work only.  The applicant’s total points will be tallied based on the work completed and the candidate will receive admission on a conditional basis.  The remainder of any college course work must be completed with a “C” or better in one (1) semester for the admission to be converted to Full admission.  If the candidate does not meet the criteria for Full Admission, the candidate must reapply by submitting a new application, the application fee, and three (3) new references that will permit the candidate to retake the TEAS Test (all transcripts submitted would be moved to the new application), or,

Wait List:  If a candidate has been placed on the wait list and is not given an appointment to the designated class, the candidate’s file will be deactivated and will need to reapply if still interested in attending the program.  A new application, application fee of $50.00, and three (3) new references are required to be submitted.  New transcripts will not need to be submitted unless additional classes have been taken.

The following sequence is suggested to facilitate prompt action.

1) Request for Application Form

May be made in person, by a telephone call to 724-656-4052. The application may also be downloaded from the web site.

Mail application to:

UPMC Jameson School of Nursing
1211 Wilmington Avenue
New Castle, PA  16105-2595

2) Transcripts

Applicants must request official transcripts from high school and all other schools and colleges attended.  An official transcript must have a signature, bear the seal of the school, and be mailed directly to the School of Nursing.

If the applicant is still attending high school or taking college courses, another transcript must be sent after graduation or completion of the course(s) and be received no later than three weeks after graduation or completion of the course(s).

3) Nursing Conference

All applicants must attend an informational Nursing Conference as part of the admission process.  The sessions are scheduled the same day as the TEAS Pre-admission test.

Nursing Conference and TEAS testing dates, click here.

Applications that have been deactivated have a one-year time frame, from the date they were received at the school in which they may be reactivated upon request.  After one (1) year, an applicant must submit a new application and pay the required application fee.