School of Nursing Admissions and Criteria

Thank you for your interest in the Jameson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.  Our website is currently being updated.  Please contact Tracy Forletta at 724-656-4052 or for information regarding the new curriculum and program requirements.

Admission to the School is open to all qualified applicants regardless of sex, marital status, age, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.  Applicants must be citizens of the United States or have Permanent Resident Status with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service.  Applicants with visas do not qualify as a permanent resident with a green card.

The Admissions Committee gives careful consideration to all available information about each candidate and accepts those who seem to possess the motivation, academic potential, and personal qualities required to attain professional standards.

The State Board of Nursing will not issue a license to an applicant who has been convicted of a felony unless at least ten (10) years have elapsed from the date of conviction.  (Other signs of rehabilitation also must be met according to the law.)

The State Board of Nursing may refuse, suspend or revoke any license in any case where the Board shall find that the applicant: has been convicted or pleaded guilty or entered a plea of guilty of nolo contender or has been found guilty by a judge or jury of a felony or crime of moral turpitude, or has received probation without verdict, disposition in lieu of trial or ARD in the disposition of felony charges, in the courts of this Commonwealth, the United States, or any other state, territory or country; has committed fraud or deceit in securing his or her admission to the practice of nursing or to nursing school; is unable to practice professional nursing with reasonable skill and safety to patients by reason of mental or physical illness or condition or physiological or psychological dependence upon alcohol, hallucinogenic or narcotic drugs or other drugs which tend to impair judgment or coordination, so long as such dependence shall continue.

A complete list of reasons why the Board may refuse a professional nursing license to an applicant can be found in section 14 of the Professional Nursing Law, 63 P.S. § 224. The document can be found on the web site (click on RN Law)

Admission Criteria

  1. Academic Records
    1. High School transcript – QPA of 2.5 or above is preferred. The following high school units are required:
      • English 4 units
      • Mathematics 2 units (1 of which must be Algebra)
      • Social Studies 3 units
      • Science 2 units (Chemistry with a lab [required], General Biology with a lab [required]).
      • Electives 5 units (recommended additional science, mathematics, foreign language, typing/keyboarding)
      • Grade of “C” or above in required academic subjects are required. Rank in the upper 2/5’s is preferred.

      Click here for information regarding required high school classes

      Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
      -Prefer minimum scores of Math-450 and Critical Reading (verbal)-450

      American College Testing (ACT)
      -Prefer a minimum composite score of 18

      Applicants who do not have SAT/ACT scores of the scores are over five (5) years old should have a preferred college QPA of 2.5 or higher in the three (3) required college courses (one must be a science).

    2. All College and Post-Secondary Transcripts
    3. General Equivalency Diploma (GED) – May be used to meet the high school graduation requirement. In addition, Algebra I and General Biology with a lab, and Chemistry with a lab are required. (Refer to above statement regarding science units.) If a candidate attended high school but did not complete, an official transcript is still required. The official transcript must be sent directly to UPMC Jameson School of Nursing.
    4. Home Study or Correspondence Schools – Diplomas issued by the Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency, the Buxmont Christian Educational Institute, Erie County Homeschoolers, Alethia Learning Center, The Home School Academy/Northeast Christian Academy and Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers may be used as fulfillment of the high school graduation requirement. An applicant can also be considered a graduate of an approved high school if they submit certification completed by the local superintendent that the home-educated applicant has complied with P.S. 24 1327.1 related to home education programs. All other applicants receiving correspondence or home study diplomas are, therefore, required to obtain a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (GED) to comply.
  2. Testing:
    1. Pre-Admission Examination – ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) All applicants must take the ATI TEAS test to be considered for admission. The preferred score is at the Proficiency Level. The TEAS is a four part assessment with subtests in Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language usage. The test is administered on-line at UPMC Jameson School of Nursing. Candidates must register at and follow the screen prompts and pay for the exam. Areas of the TEAS test considered for points on the Point Scale include the National Percentile Rank and individual scores in Math, Reading, and Science. The ATI TEAS test may be repeated no more than two (2) times for a total of three (3) attempts. An additional fee will be charged for each test scheduled. If an applicant has taken the TEAS previously and has submitted an application to the UPMC Jameson School of Nursing with a year of taking the TEAS and meets our criteria the applicant will not be required to repeat the TEAS.
    2. A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Applicants for whom English is a second language are required to take the TOEFL. “The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures the ability of nonnative speakers of English to use and understand North American English as it is used in college and university settings.” The following table indicates the scores required for each of the exams.TOEFL EXAM – REQUIRED SCORE
      Paper/Pencil – 550 or higher
      Computer-Based – 213 or higher
      Web-Based – 80 or higherNote: Only one (1) exam is required.
      You may visit the TOEFL homepage, to receive information about about taking the test or write to:
      P.O. Box 6151
      Princeton, NJ 08541-6151
      or CALL 1-609-777-7100 or 1-888-863-3546 Monday-Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
  3. Nursing Conference: All applicants must attend an Informational Nursing Conference, which will be held in the afternoon following the ATI TEAS Pre-admission Examination. The purpose of the conference is to explain the program requirements and have questions answered.
  4. References: Three references are required from current teachers, school counselors, employers, etc. No family member or close friends. Submit the three (3) reference forms with your application or have your references mail the forms to the school address that is listed on the form. Your application is not considered complete until the application, the $50.00 application fee, and the three (3) reference forms have been received.
  5. Criminal History and FBI Record Information: Criminal record checks are required for acceptance. Students must have the following clearances:
    • PA Criminal Background Chekc-required prior to entrance.
    • Child Abuse History Clearance-required prior to entrance and prior to beginning of the Senior year.
    • FBI Background Check-required prior to entrance and prior to beginning of the Senior year.
    • of Aging Background Check-Only for applicants that have not been residents of Pennsylvania for the last two (2) years-required prior to entrance.

    The Criminal Record Check will be completed during the mandatory Pre-Entrance Day held in June of each year. the cost is $10.00 and must be paid at the time the background check is done. The student is responsibile for submitting the forms to the appropriate agency/agencies with the required processing fee(s).

  6. Required College Courses: The following five (5) college courses are required to be completed prior to starting the program: Anatomy or A & P I, Physiology or A & P II, General Psychology, Nutrition, and Microbiology). All college courses must be successfully completed at an accredited college or university, with a grade of “C” or better prior to beginning the nursing program. The science courses (Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology) must have been taken within the past five (5) years and successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better. The five (5) year time limit ends with the year in which the applicant is seeking to begin the program. (Example: Anatomy was taken in 2012 and applicant is seeking admission to start in September 2017, the course will be accepted. However, if the course was taken in 2011, Anatomy would need to be retaken as it would be over the five (5) year limit. Individual consideration may be given for courses taken beyond the five (5) year period if within a reasonable time frame.Should an applicant be conditionally accepted and receives a grade below a “C”, their appointment will automatically be withdrawn. Candidates for admission can only repeat a course one (1) time and must receive a “C” or better to be considered for admission. If the candidate does not complete all college courses at the end of the spring semester prior to the September start of nursing school, their appointment will be withdrawn.Transferability of college courses to other colleges cannot be guaranteed. Pre-requisite college credits are not calculated into the Quality Point Average. The School of Nursing does not accept CLEP scores or courses from trade, business, or technical schools for any courses in the curriculum.
  7. Licensed Practical Nurse Applicants: Effective November 2016, no advanced placement will be offered. All LPN applicants will begin in the first nursing course, Nursing I.
  8. Deferment of Acceptance: If a candidate has accepted an appointment and is not able to begin the program as scheduled, a new application must be submitted, along with the application fee, and three (3) new references. Previous submitted transcripts will be moved to the new application. No deferments will be approved.



1) Admission

Meeting the admission criteria does not guarantee admission to the School of Nursing.  The Admission Committee reviews the credentials of each applicant.  The decisions and recommendations made concerning admission are based upon consideration of each individual’s past experience and educational background and the Admission Point Scale.  The applicant will be notified in writing of the decision.

Conditional admission status may be granted at the discretion of the Admission Committee.  Applicants whose credentials do not meet nursing admission requirements are notified promptly, so that they may pursue other opportunities. Candidates are advised of their status by letter.

Wait List:  If a candidate has been placed on the wait list and is not given an appointment to the designated class, the candidate’s file will be deactivated and will need to reapply if still interested in attending the program.  A new application, application fee of $50.00, and three (3) new references are required to be submitted.  New transcripts will not need to be submitted unless additional classes have been taken.

2) Health Status

A complete physical and dental examination, including a drug screen, is required of each applicant two (2) to three (3) months prior to the date of admission.  UPMC Jameson Work Health will complete the physical exam and drug screen at the student’s expense.  The dental examination is performed by the students’ dentist at the student’s expense.  All appointments to the School are tentative until the results of the physical examination are known.  In the event of failure to qualify on the basis of physical findings, the student will be notified as to the reason for disqualification.  All corrective action that is recommended by the physician and/or dentist must be completed prior to admission.  This includes dental work, glasses, hearing aids, and other prosthetic devices that are deemed necessary by the representative doctors.

Required immunizations include: DTaP (Adacel) [previously known as Tetanus (if no booster within past 2 years)], Varicella (if no history of disease and/or no documentation of 2 vaccines), Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (if no documentation of 2 MMR vaccines), Hepatitis B surface antibody titer (if previously immunized against Hepatitis B), and Hepatitis C titer.

The applicant must be physically and mentally capable of meeting all requirements of the program.

Latex Allergy:

Any student indicating having a latex allergy must provide written documentation from their physician.  The school of nursing cannot assure that all learning sites utilized can be latex free.  Any student who has a latex allergy may require accommodations that the school cannot provide.

3) Criminal History and FBI Record Information

Criminal record checks are required for acceptance.  Students must have the following clearances:

      • PA Criminal Background Check-required prior to entrance.
      • Child Abuse History Clearance-required prior to entrance and prior to beginning of the Senior year.
      • FBI Background Check-required prior to entrance and prior to beginning of the Senior year.
      • of Aging Background Check-Only for applicants that have not been residents of Pennsylvania for the last two (2) years-required prior to entrance.

Criminal record checks are required for final acceptance into the School of Nursing.  An unfavorable background check may prohibit acceptance.  Background checks must be completed prior to beginning the program.

Final acceptance is contingent upon a satisfactory health status and CHRI/FBI Check

Admission with Advanced Placement

The Transfer Student (The Student with previous RN Nursing Education)

  • The candidate with previous nursing education must apply for admission within one (1) year of leaving the previous nursing program. A student who has been dismissed for unprofessional conduct, unsafe clinical performance, or who has received an unsatisfactory clinical grade, will not be considered for admission.
  • Individuals who wish to transfer from another nursing program must complete a minimum of one full-time academic year at UPMC Jameson School of Nursing in order to meet State Board of Nursing requirements.
  • The candidate must have successfully passed a Nursing Fundamentals course. The candidate will be required to start in Nursing II, regardless of previous nursing courses completed in another school of nursing.
  • In addition to the three (3) application references, applicants must request the following letters from their former nursing program:
  • (1) A letter from the Director of the School of Nursing stating the reason for leaving the program and giving a recommendation.
  • (2) A letter of recommendation from a recent clinical Faculty member.